Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Settling into a nice schedule of hitting the bookstore mid-week each week, which seems to keep me out of too much trouble! Today there were lots of moving-parts books that were in fabulous condition but for one missing part:
  • CAT and DOG by Matthew Van Fleet both have lots of push and pull and pop-up pages. DOG is missing one pop-up, but other than they are in great shape and both have tons of great photos of different dog and cat breeds.
  • The oversize photo-illustrated DK Flip-Flap and Big Book of Things That Go books are both in great shape, but for a missing wheel on the Flip-Flap book and a detached page in Things That Go. I taped the page back in and I doubt the missing wheel will ever even be noticed. 
  • LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS: Tootle (much more of an early reader but I love Tibor Gergley so I couldn't resist) and The Shy Little Kitten (Jackson thought the mole was wondrous and strange).
  • PRESCHOOL-AGE STUFF: Brain Quest Bathtime (for ages three to five) and How Do Dinosaurs Clean Up Their Rooms? by Yolen & Teague.
  • POST-APOCALYPTIC STOCKPILE: As a general rule I don't graze too far out of the children's section, for the safety and well-being of my pocketbook, but this Hammond Atlas of United States History was just sitting there alone on a shelf calling to me. It will be perfect for when I homeschool AP U.S. History after the apocalypse--the pre-Revolutionary/early Federal period and WWII maps look especially useful. Hee.

We also hit the Westchester Library every-other-Wednesday storytime for the first time today, and it was fantastic. Lots of kids from age 0 to about 4 or 5, and the librarian did a wonderful job. There was a letter of the week, three books, a narrated story told with felt people illustrations, lots of physical songs and then a playtime afterward. Jackson's attention span is still all over the place, but he liked the other kids (and their stuff), so I think we'll probably make it a regular event along with the farmer's market and the bookstore.

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