Friday, August 26, 2011

Little-Kid Concept Books That Use Fine Art; Lucy Micklethwiat Bibliography

This post is almost more of a mental bookmark than anything, but as we're working on color, shapes, numbers and letters, I find that some of the books that make me happiest while also seeming to please the child are the ones that use historic and contemporary art pieces to illustrate the subject in question. I don't think they're going to make my kid smarter than if he reads a cartoony book covering the same information, but as the mama I will certainly have a better time studying the material with him when the books are this dense and interesting.

Anyway, so far I've found three main sources of such books, and I'm looking for more!

  • MOMA's six-book series by Philip Yenawine: Shapes, Lines, Colors, People, Places, Stories
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Museum ABC, Museum 123, Museum Shapes and the mysteriously out-of-print Museum Colors
  • Everything by Lucy Mickelthwait. Dear god I love her. We started with Children's Book of Art: Great Pictures, First Words, and then found Spot a Cat at the thrift store, and just checked out I Spy Shapes in Art from the library and man, she just does flawless work. I wanted to know more about her catalog, so this is a bibliography I just pulled together. (Note: Can someone reassure me she's not dead? Because she seems to have stopped publishing in the 1990s and there should be more from her!)
    • I SPY SERIES: 
      • I Spy Shapes in Art
      • I Spy an Alphabet in Art
      • I Spy Colors in Art
      • I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers in Art
      • I Spy a Freight Train
      • I Spy Animals in Art
      • A Child's Book of Art: Discover Great Paintings
      • A Child's Book of Art: Great Pictures, First Words
      • A Child's Book of Play in Art
      • Spot a Dog
      • Spot a Cat

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