Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today's Educational Enrichment Product: Balls!

Balls! OK, our new outdoor playground balls are not as adorable as the Crocodile Creek ones pictured here, but I did get three rubber balls for Jackson to use in the backyard and they are a huge hit. I got a set of two, one red and one great, that are both about the size of his head, and then there's a big one that's "tie-dye" style. He can barely get his arms around the big one but it's adorable to watch him try. He's having a blast chasing them, making them bounce and learning how to play catch. Truth be told, when I threw him the ball to "catch" it hit him in the head about 50 percent of the time, but from his catbird seat at the top of the slide he actually managed to get his hands on them a couple of times. Definitely will add more fun outdoor basics like this in the coming months. Thinking one of those tunnel things might be fun, and I'm tempted to figure out some kind of ball pit or sandbox.

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