Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Latest Used Children's Book Finds

Can't find my camera so no photo of the latest library book sale finds:
    Richard Scarry's The Early Bird (Step-Into-Reading, Step 2)
  1. Richard Scarry's The Early Bird: Wow, I loved this book as a kid, and I haven't thought about it in decades, but it all came back the minute I saw it. I still giggle at Wiggly Worm (not to be confused with Lowly Worm) bedding down in a flower pot.
  2. Going Up With Grover: A Counting Book: This is literally 10 pages of Sesame Street characters getting an elevator, floor by floor, and then playing on the roof, and then 10 pages of them going down again, floor by floor. I don't see the literary merit, LOL, but what the hell. Andrew was the one who remembered the name of the Sesame Street dog: Barkley! This book, circa 1980, prominently features ashtrays in the hotel lobbies. I totally remember the era of gigantic ashtrays in waiting rooms everywhere (full-fledged anti-cigarette stuff kicked in about 1990 in my part of the country), but it's still weird to see ashtrays in a kid's book!
  3. What's Up in the Attic? This is a Little Golden Book starring Bert & Ernie wherein they discover items like a Victrola and a coonskin cap up in the attic, i.e. history is real!
  4. On My Way with Sesame Street: Cars and Planes, Trucks and Trains: This is volume nine in the series. There's a mix of illustrated stories in here that cover everything from hot-air balloons to the Space Shuttle. The other titles in the On My Way with Sesame Street series are as follows:
    • My ABC's
    • I Can Count
    • Getting Ready for School
    • Animals, Animals
    • All About Me
    • Colors and Shapes
    • People in My Neighborhood
    • My Family
    • Cars and Plains, Trucks and Trains
    • Up, Down, and All Around
    • Morning to Night
    • Just Pretend
    • In the City
    • In the Country
    • Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
  5. Gymboree's Toddler Play book, which outlines developmentally appropriate games to play with kids from age 1 to 3. Several new ideas and songs I hadn't heard before make this a worthwhile acquisition, although there is one whole section devoted to the following idea: "Sing 'Itsy-Bitsy Spider' to Your Toddler." (That needed a whole page?) Side note: I actually tried the old rice box trick on Monday, and to my astonishment, it worked. I actually got five minutes to eat my breakfast in peace! It's a godawful mess even when done outside, and he eats too much of the uncooked rice, but heck I'll take it!

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