Thursday, October 13, 2011

Museum Colors, Gisela Voss

I love Museum Shapes (bought used) and Museum 123 (library), so I ordered Museum ABC and Museum Colors online. I was expecting to get the Metropolitan Museum of Art-published Museum Colors book with the same cover pictured on Amazon and the Met site, but instead I got a very interesting board book with the same title, published by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1993, authorship credited to Gisela Voss, sometimes listed as Gi Voss. (As far as I can tell the Met book doesn't have a named author.) I think the Amazon listing has the two books conflated. Anyway, here are some selections from the Boston book in case you like fine art-based concept books as much as I do. I'll be interested to see what's in the Met book when it eventually wanders into my life!

Museum Colors by Gisela Voss, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1993; front cover and stair-step colored pages.
Museum Colors - Tom Browne, Two of Holland's

Museum Colors - Joseph Boze, Portrait of Two Boys

Museum Colors - Ito Jakuchu, Cockatoo

Museum Colors - Donald Oenslager, Off the Ballroom of the Windsor Hotel

Museum Colors by Gisela Voss, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1993; back cover.

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