Sunday, October 2, 2011

Judaism Week Recap

Overall, I think Judaism Week was a success, but I never got around either to the glitter bottle or the challah. Jackson loved the apples and honey, he learned what a candle is (as mentioned in one of our topical poems and then demonstrated in real life), he now knows a shofar is a horn (which comes from a goat or a sheep), and he enjoyed a little Barbra. I ended up not liking the Rosh Hashanah story from Ten Holiday Jewish Children's Stories (it was fine, just not quite age-appropriate and too metaphorical), so I gave up reading it after three days; I wish I'd looked a bit further afield. Ideally I can find a copy of Kveller's recommended Apples and Honey before next year. The best resource I had on hand was definitely Jane Yolen's Milk and Honey, which was both appropriate, informative and enjoyable.

I'm not sure J will remember "Shana" (his word for Rosh Hashanah) come next fall, but I think he did learn something, and it was a nice, pleasant week.


  1. The glitter bottle was a semi success at our house. Thanks for the idea. But may I suggest more sequins, less glitter. For some reason it all clumped together in the first bottle we tried. I don't have the science skills to figure out why so on our next effort we added tons of sequins and barely any sparkle and it was awesome!

  2. Please send pictures! And where did you get your glitter? I never even made it to the Dollar Store to look.