Sunday, October 9, 2011

China Theme Week

Grandma and grandpa are visiting China, so this week is China week! Not all activities are directly related to China, but here is the plan.

Geography: First we'll find China on a globe, and then I'll attempt to explain the concept of globes/planets. I might also try explain that panda bears live in China. We're big on bears around here.

Read-Alouds: So far the plan is five mornings of (a) The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack, illustrated by Kurt Wiese and (b) a fingerplay called Chinese Fan. On days when he seems to have the patience, I'm thinking of a gentle introduction of "Dream of the Butterfly" from Chinese Children's Favorite Stories, and possibly a look through You Can Write Chinese by Kurt Wiese. (Jackson likes to find pens and wave them around while saying "Writing! Writing!")

Food: We may live to regret this one, but I think it's time to finally visit the very "dive-y" Chinese restaurant near our house to see what their heavily advertised wonton soup is all about.

Montessori-Style Concept Introduction: I'm finally getting myself together to do some of the suggested activities from Bright from the Start! I have my "pay attention" placemat all ready, and I pulled out three measuring cups (2 C, 3/4 C, 1/8 C) I can use to illustrate the concepts of large, medium and small. I'll introduce the cups and the words once a day for five days, let him try to nest them, and see where we end up by Friday.

Also on the Docket: (1) Mama needs to work out (and/or wants to collect some wild fennel seeds for her garden), so I'm hoping to find some time to hike the Westchester Bluffs Fire Road again. (2) We need to clean up the house, which looks like a hurricane rolled through it! (3) Tuesday is our first day on our scheduled "tour of exotic faraway parks." Wish us luck.

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