Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birds of the World, Golden Press, 1961

As far as I'm concerned, I just got a first edition of Audubon for $3.99.

Above is a photograph of Western Publishing's authoritative compendium Birds of the World (1961), illustrated by Arthur Singer, which I just picked up at the Savers in Las Vegas for $3.99, and Western Publishing's field guide Birds of North America, also illustrated by Arthur Singer, which was given to me as a gift by my bird-loving grandpa many years ago.

The smaller book has been one of my greatest treasures for many years, and I hope that the larger one will get just as much use as the years go by. (This copy of Birds of the World was obviously previously owned by a bird lover as well. His notes are all over the book, and his handwriting actually reminds me quite of bit of my grandpa's handwriting.)

Click to enlarge and see the detail on any of these beautiful spreads.

Birds of the World title page with ibises
Birds of the World table of contents: the previous owner made notes and checkmarks throughout the book in neat pencil.

Birds of the World: Eggs and hatchlings
Birds of the World: Eagles and ospreys
Birds of the World: Toucans
Birds of the World: Cockatoos and macaws

Birds of the World: Birds of paradise

Birds of the World: Bluebirds and robins
Birds of the World: "Herons and Their Allies"
Birds of the World: Pelicans

Birds of the World: Cardinals and buntings

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