Friday, September 2, 2011

Wednesday Haul

DH is home (yay!) so I finally had time to unload the car from Wednesday's bookshop trip.

Julius, Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes; Duck & Goose by Tad Hills (we loved a Duck & Goose board book we got from the library); Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carlstrom (one of the BFIAR books, totally cute).

Verdi by Jenelle Cannon (author of Stella Luna, which I didn't love until I reread it as an adult, I'm not convinced about this Verdi yet either, but I love the creepy-crawlies and it's a nice allegory about growing up, so hey); The Diggers by Margaret Wise Brown, my goddess; 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore by Jenny Offill & Nancy Carpenter

Touch & Feel: Wild Animals (I love touch books, Jackson loves wild animals, done!); The Big Fat Worm by Nancy Van Laan (did I mention I love the creepy-crawlies?)

Animals of the World: Jigsaw Book, with six puzzles depicting animals of a particular continent. Reminds me of the two page spreads in our beloved Scholastic 150 Animals A to Z book. Some pieces are missing from the North America puzzle, but we'll survive. We loves us some animals around here; puzzles we're not so good at yet, but that day will come too.

Animalia in hardback, which I like because the pages lie flat without me having to break the spine at every page of the book, as I find myself doing when we look at the paperback version. I snapped pics of some of the two-page illustration spreads and have posted them for your perusal below. Animalia is clearly intended for much older kids--it's far too visually dense for toddlers, not to mention that it assumes so much vocabulary and knowledge--but it's an interesting mental puzzle to have on hand. Age appropriateness and instructional value aside, Base does do amazing illustrative work so his numbers/counting book, The Watering Hole, is on my wish list. (I am not, however, a fan of his The Eleventh Hour.)

My kid loves him some yaks.

Finally, I'm on a primate-language-acquisition kick right now, so I leave you with a video of Koko the gorilla enjoying a copy of Animalia.

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