Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Next Two Theme Weeks

After last week's superfun Fall theme, I totally didn't have a followup plan, so this has been a bye week, by default. However, I just updated my calendar and found the inspiration for my next two theme weeks:

(1) Rosh Hashanah is next weekend, so Sept. 26-30 will be a Judiasm theme week. I'll see what has to say about celebrating this holiday with the littles, we'll make Smitten Kitchen's challah recipe (which I've been eyeing for weeks), and we'll read from our multitude of Jewish storybooks.

(2) And then the second week of October, after we're back from Vegas, my parents are heading to China for a vacation, so we can read The Story of Ping, You Can Write Chinese and maybe the no-longer-politically correct Five Chinese Brothers (all illustrated by Kurt Wiese), we'll talk about pandas, we'll make or buy some Chinese food, and may be we'll even go to L.A.'s poor weary old Chinatown and the Chinese American Museum.

Any other ideas for books or activities to go with these themes? What am I missing?

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