Sunday, September 4, 2011

Illustrations from the Random House Book of Shakespeare Stories

Illustrations from The Random House Book of Shakespeare Stories

Pictures matter, pictures create memories, pictures are powerful. As such, here are some scans from The Random House Book of Shakespeare Stories in case you're shopping around trying to decide which children's illustrated Shakespeare to buy. In addition to the plays depicted below, this book also has Henry V and Twelfth Night, but my snapshot of the Henry V story's full-page illustration (all the stories also have multiple smaller illustrations) was very overexposed so it's not pictured here, and Twelfth Night only had an unremarkable half-page depiction of the twins. In any case, I didn't have a good storybook version of Henry V or Antony and Cleopatra before, so this is nice addition to our library.

This copy had a bookmark indicating it was purchased at the Tudor Guild Gift Shop of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which almost makes me feel like it's extra authentic or something, LOL. The bookmark also has a nice quote from Love's Labour's Lost I'll repeat here: "To pore upon a book, To seek the light of truth."

Cleopatra, Antony and Cleopatra

Hamlet and his father's ghost, Hamlet

Laertes and Hamlet, Hamlet

Lady MacBeth works out her issues

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Romeo and Juliet live the balcony scene.

Romeo and Juliet die in the crypt. (Stupid stupid stupid children!)

Prospero, Miranda and Ferdinand (I think), The Tempest

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