Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Say Mexican Bingo, I Say Spanish Language Vocabulary Cards!

I was shopping at the off-brand discount store today--they're not associated with a major chain so they have a unique array of slightly unusual junk!--when I spotted these "Mexican bingo" cards. Apparently lotería is very popular in Mexico, and the 54 cards are a generally standardized catalog of images, although this is a cheap rip-off deck, because it was .99, come on.

Still, with the exception of the NOT OK "El Negrito" and "El Apache" cards, which went straight in the trash, this is a nice introduction to the very concept that there are other languages and other ways of naming things. Everybody likes nouns, and this is a nice array of them for a beginner.

Now, tell me, should I also delete "El Borracho" (the drunk),"El Diablito" (the little devil), "La Calavera" (the skull) and "El Muerte" (death)? I can see keeping that as topics for discussion, but maybe it's just age-inappropriate and in poor taste, etc etc?

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