Monday, December 19, 2011

Toddler Montessori Trays

Links Tray: My little one still can't separate these links from the chain. He wails piteously whenever he encounters them, "Help! Help! Help!" I'll demonstrate until I can demonstrate no more, and hopefully he'll eventually get it. This link chain is composed of the orange links from Bright Start Lots of Links, Sassy Links and Fisher-Price Link-a-Doos.

Open & Close Tray: The open-close tray is totally inspired by the brilliant Counting Coconuts. This basket includes a squeeze-open coin purse, a cassette tape box with a little carabiner inside, an Altoids tin, a baby-medicine syringe, a tooth floss box with the cutting edge popped out, a travel toothbrush and a Tic-Tacs container. I like that the tape and the floss open from the "front" while the Tic-Tacs opens to the "side."

Toilet-Paper Roll Tinker Toys Tray: After seeing this great post on Almost Unschooling about a toilet-paper roll Tinker Toy craft, I thought that pushing pencils through holes in a toilet-paper roll seemed like great fun. It reminds me of both lacing cards and the "straw-in-the-hole" activities. We'll see if the kid can handle it or if overwhelms him or if the tubes are just crushed immediately.

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