Sunday, December 25, 2011

How's This for a Four-Year Cycle?

Morris Bishop's "storybook" cycle, illustrated by Alison Mason Kingsbury, published by Cornell University Press: A Classical Storybook (1970), A Medieval Storybook (1970), A Renaissance Storybook (1971), A Romantic Storybook (1971)
Aren't these just screaming to be used in a four-year history study cycle? This series is all but forgotten now, but I found one of them (maybe the Medieval one?) in a used bookshop and immediately went hunting for the other three on the Interwebs. More on these in the future, but I wanted to at least get a picture of these four treasures posted for any once and future readers of these books.

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  1. Those look like something I could have gotten lost in as a child! I would love to hear how you like them.