Friday, December 30, 2011

Toddler Trays, Including No-Choking-Hazard Bead Stringing

Now that Chrismukkah is done and the New Year is almost here, I thought it was time for some new trays:

Open-close tray items, clockwise from top: Rocket-pop popsicle mold, travel-size Infusium 23 bottle (this one's a double-header, technically, since the bottle top both flips open and screws off), a card-like mints box with a paper-fold opening, a USB thing with a flip-out cover, and a jewelry box with a love note for the kiddo inside.

Squishy sparkle pom-poms and "novelty beakers" from the dollar-stuff section at Target, aka our first attempt at a "dry pouring" exercise.

I've been looking for a way to do a bead-stringing thing, but I am a child-safety paranoiac and the commercial stringing beads sets are totally a choking hazard (every stupid thing is a choking hazard, but the beads stress me out extra for some reason). As such, I've been looking for a DIY alternative. I thought  thread spools might serve as a bead substitute, but I could never find any that were affordable and easily available. Then I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and stumbled across "Cedar Hanger Rings" and thought "Aha!" They totally pass the toilet-paper roll test, plus they're fabulously chunky and substantial for little fingers learning how to do this work. I tried strangling myself (as you do) with various lengths of shoelace, and cutting a 45-cm shoelace into quarters resulted in a cord a little less than 5 inches long (~11 cm), which like it's a less risky length that still provides some room for the kid to work.

Meanwhile, Jackson wants a "lesson" by which he means a proper sit-down thing where I unroll a work mat and demonstrate something, three-period-lesson-style. Mostly he loves the rolling and unrolling of the mat, but I think I'm going to use some of new Christmas blocks to explore same and different sizes and colors. I'll try to photograph it if it happens.

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