Monday, December 26, 2011

Montessori-Style Upcycled Locks & Latches Board

Montessori-style locks and latches board (with bonus switches and wheels and magnets and geegaws)

Much much love to my mom for helping me make this activity board for Jackson. Inspired by these pins on Pinterest, we went through Sylvia's Wondrous Garage Hardware Store and found a collection of old hardware stuff that seemed to fit the bill. Some of it we screwed on, and some of it we glued on with silicone, but everything is firmly and safely attached. FWIW, the board was almost free and totally recycled/reused but we did have to spend .59 to buy one extra box for the second light switch.

Here's what's what on the board, just because I made my mom tell me the names of everything:

  • Light switch with box
  • Shower rod holder with cork with eye screw and light-chain pull
  • Gate latch
  • Window latch
  • Caster wheels
  • Drapery cord pulley (it's quite ugly, but it flips up and down and pulls out and twists around, so we had to include it)
  • Magnet and magnetic cabinet latch with light-chain pull
  • Combination lock (combination is lost to the ages, so now it just spins into eternity)
  • Eye hook latch
  • Decor light switch with box
  • In-cord electrical switch
  • Keyed gate latch (the keys are screwed inside the light switch box for safe-keeping until the kiddo gets to that point of manual dexterity)

    Hugs again to mom for all the love and help, and thanks to Lilla a Design and others for the inspiration!