Saturday, May 26, 2012

Used Book Report: Westchester Rotary Club Book Sale

Andrew wanted to get some work done this afternoon so I took Jackson out for a very long slow drive to my favorite mom-and-pop nursery in Gardena. On the way, I screeched to a halt and pulled over to the side of the road when I realized it was the weekend for the annual Westchester Rotary Club book sale in the parking lot of the Ralphs on Sepulveda. Good stuff, Westchester!

I'm particularly pleased with the complete 12-volume set of The Golden Book History of the United States in fine/very fine condition. The plan to home educate out of the garage continues apace, bwahaha! (So long as no one cares what happened after 1960. Ahem.)

Also found a first edition hardback of Minn of the Mississippi; some Margaret Wise Brown, Bill Peet and Steven Kellogg paperbacks: Ed Emberley's very first book, The Wing on a Flea: A Book about Shapes (original illustrations, not the 2001 update); Aliki's Manners; Seven Simeons; some Antipodean folklore; a John Burningham book (we love Mr. Gumpy!); a nutty old Golden Book called Peter Lippman's One and Only Wacky Wordbook, and the The How and Why Wonder Book of Mathematics, which includes a supermodern section on the use of punchcards and reels in a "calculating with computers." Hee.

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