Friday, May 25, 2012

Montessori-Inspired Toddler Activity Trays

Open-close tray: Tiny Patrón tequila bottle (!) with cork (I found it on the ground outside a hardware store, I swear), empty spice tin, empty makeup compact with pop-out mirror*, mini Slinky for no reason besides fun, film cannister, blue plastic box, red plastic hardware cannister.

*Jackson calls this the "puter" because he thinks that the pop-out mirror is like a pop-out DVD player.

Carabiner-inspired keyrings for linking practice and sorting by color.

Pom-poms, mini tongs and an old frozen shrimp shumai tray for a transferring activity that the kiddo loves. This one really hit the "zone of proximal development" (as the education pros might say).

Stringing activity with cedar hanger attachments and a length of cord.

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