Saturday, May 26, 2012

Australian Aboriginal Folklore for Children - Series Bibliography

It took me forever to find this info in the dark corners of the Interweb, so on the off-chance any other person in the history of ever is interested in the same material (unlikely, but still), here it is:

Australian Stories in Five Volumes by L. & G. Adams (1979) - William Collins Pty Ltd, Sydney

Volume I: How Koala Lost His Tail and Other Australian Stories
* How Koala Lost His Tail
* How Echidna Got His Quills
* How Emu Lost His Wings
* How Water-Rat Found Fire

Volume II: Why Kookaburra Laughs at Dawn and Other Australian Stories
* Why Kookaburra Laughs at Dawn
* The Whirlwind and the Frogs
* The Koala Who Stole the Water
* Mopoke and the Moon

Volume III: Wowie the River Monster and Other Australian Stories
* Wowie the River Monster
* The Black Swans
* Molok the Thirsty Frog
* Keelie the Cuckoo

Volume IV: Old Man Fire and Other Australian Stories
* Old Man Fire
* How the Rainbow Was Made
* The Spirit in the Stream
* The Butterflies of Spring

Volume V: The Tale of the Kangaroo and Other Australian Stories
* The Tale of the Kangaroo
* The Secret of the Cockatoo
* The Tale of the Platypus
* The Tale of the Wombat

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