Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well I'll Be Darned

I discovered today that Jackson can "read" many letters of the alphabet in ASL. We were riding the bus and for some reason I ended up signing a letter and to my surprise, he told me what letter it was! I ended up signing almost the entire alphabet (out of sequence) and he knew at least 20 of the letters.

He couldn't tell the diff between M and N, and S and T, and G and H, but  heck, I'm not sure I would get those right either since those sets look very much alike! Other than those pairs, he was remarkably good at telling me what letter I was signing, which amazed me. I call him baby-ham-hands in my head sometimes (because he's still adorably clumsy in that early toddler way, and his fine motor is pretty slow in developing), so I've never even thought to work with him on signing the alphabet, but we have watched Signing Time, Volume 5: ABC Signs hundreds of times (that and Curious George Learns the Alphabet are how he learned to identify letters) and by golly, he learned to read the signs as well as the written letters!

Go baby Jackson!

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  1. Isn't that so cool when they surprise you with what they know? I love it.

    I hope you'll like "Town and Country!" I love the Maple Hill Farm books, too. They are SO good at capturing the different personalities of all the various animals. Wonderful. I ended up buying a "new" (thrift store) book by them the day after I got the package--"What is a Color?" I don't really need another "colors" book, but I was feeling in love with their style right then. And sure enough, it's a good one!