Thursday, February 9, 2012

My First Ever Curriculum Plan

I hang out on this message board full of high-powered homeschoolers and they all say, over and over again, that the key is get organized, have a plan and stick to it.

So...I have a mostly finished plan!

I sat down and worked out lists of week-by-week to-dos from now until June:
This is basically all the fun stuff, of course. Note there are no categories for "math!" and "language!" partly because I'm a mushier teacher than I usually admit, and partly because that's the hard stuff to really "plan" and I didn't get there yet.


  1. I wish we could have park days! Maybe in about four months...

  2. It might be a bit beyond where you are right now, but I really like the activities from the "Family Math for Young Children" book by Jean Stenmark and also "Math Play: 80 Activities to Count & Learn" by Diane McGowan.

  3. Thank you so much for the suggestions CW! I'll get them both. (You suggested YOUNG AT ART a while back and I loved it! I mean, it scared me, but it was wonderful!)