Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Garden Variety Vocabulary Cards - Upcycling Seed Catalogs

I think I'm about to become a lamination monster!

It's seed-catalog season and before I consigned all the poor unloved things to the recycling, I decided that the pages of the High Mowing Seeds catalog were particularly well-suited to becoming veggie vocabulary cards. If nothing else, it's good for the kiddo to see that plate veggies were once plants, and I also kind of like introducing him to slightly odder vegetables like fennel bulb and okra. I also liked that the High Mowing Seeds catalog had the scientific name for the plants, which is just interesting and shows the alert reader that we eat a quite a few cucurbits and brassicas!

So, last night during RHOBH and Gossip Girl I cut out the veggie pictures (including scientific name!) and pasted them to index cards. This morning I realized that (a) the cards were curling from the glue, (b) they would last about five minutes near a toddler in paper-only form, and (c) I'd put the hole and ring in exactly the wrong place for him to read the words, so I unhooked them and took them to Lakeshore to check out this "laminator" about which I've heard so much.

Suffice it to say, laminating stuff is awesome. I wish it were free, which it isn't, but I can afford .30 a linear foot and it is so much fun. Anyway, he likes the cards quite a bit--he seems fascinated by "corn" in particular, and he remembered "garlic" from when we planted the cloves a few weeks back!

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