Friday, November 4, 2011

Educational Coffee

I bought this Café Pajaro coffee at Trader Joe's and I've been telling Jackson that the parrot on the can is a quetzal. (He also has a quetzal in his room, from Christopher Wormell's An Alphabet of Animals: Q is for quetzal.) Today I got inspired to read to him about the Aztec feathered-serpent god Quetzalcoatl from one of our World Mythologies Series books. He actually listened for quite a while, whee!

After the coffee is done every morning, I pour out the grounds in a corner of the garden to enrich the soil. (Worms love coffee almost as much as humans do.) Pictured above are some fava beans, which grown well in our area in the winter, sprouting out of the "coffee" bed. (The tall one is the only survivor from the first planting; the little guys are the first appearance of my second attempt.)

Our garlic also sprouted. The nine little shoots are from nine garlic cloves. We don't even eat that much garlic, but it's fun to grow it just the same. When J passes by this section of the yard he remembers that we planted it and says, "Holes, holes." Hee.

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