Saturday, March 17, 2012


The Gessell Institute book about two-year-olds says that handedness may not be defined until age three, but over the past few weeks I've become virtually certain that Jackson is a righty. Both of us are righties so it makes sense, but my middle brother is a leftie born of two right-handed parents, so it can always be a surprise.

I'm mostly interested in what this means about his "brainedness," i.e. will he be more noticeably "left-brained" because he is right-handed? I think I've noticed a certain asymmetry in myself--my right side is physically overdeveloped compared to my left, and I'm not great at typical "right-brain" activities. 

I'm hopeful I do a better job on J than I did on myself in terms of integrating his "sides." When he was a baby I was supposed to do "crossing the midline" activities with him and I never did, but hopefully at the ripe old age of (almost) two it's not too late!

Further reading: Wikipedia's lateralization of brain function article

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