Sunday, October 19, 2014

Living with Learning

Jackson, 4.5yo, sorting through our box of dollar-store plastic animals: "Mom, I took out all the ocean animals. Is a frog an ocean animal? Oh, and the stegosaurus is just pretending to be an ocean animal."

Jason, 1.5yo, browsing some number books before dinner. This is the Met's Museum Numbers book. 

The Learning Tower was 75 percent off (plus I had store credit) at our local children's resale shop. Jackson is already using it for many activities, including chopping Brussels sprouts for dinner. 

Bonus post from this morning:

First words I heard from kiddo this morning were an obviously dad-prompted apology: "Mom, I'm sorry I wrote on the couch in the garage." Me, groggy: "OK, thank you for taking responsibility but why would you do that?" J: "I wanted to practice my writing!" (I am totally secretly proud of this but will never tell him.)

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