Friday, April 4, 2014

Caillou Talking Doll Review

This product was given to us for free by Imports Dragon and DHX Media in exchange for placement on this blog.

A year-and-a-half ago we shaved Jackson bald, and the only thing that made not miserable about how he looked afterward was that we could call it his Calliou look.


What do you love about Calliou?
J: I love that he's a kid like a me!

Now, you have a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Tirey. Do you remember what Calliou's dinosaur is named?
J: Rexy!

What do you do with a doll?
J: You carry it, and play with it, and sleep with it.

And what's special about this doll?
J: It talks!

That's right, in two languages: English and French.
J: Oh, I speak two languages: English and Spanish!

Do you like this doll?
J: Yeah, I want to keep it, but I also want a Rosie doll and a Calliou's dad doll. And I really like to watch Calliou on TV--it's my favorite show.

The new talking Calliou doll is available in stores now for a suggested retail price of $35.

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