Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vintage Toy Coolness: 1989 Fisher-Price Post Office

Our amazing nanny Silvana stopped at a yard sale on the way to Jackson's birthday party today and picked up an amazing toy post office that another kid loved circa 1989. It was in pretty good, complete condition to start with, and then three different ladies (Silvana, my mom and me) scrubbed it clean and even removed the pen marks with Goo Gone, so it's virtually like new now. It was the hit of the day on a day when there were a zillion other entertainments, including a fire truck bed and a million kids of SUGAR. Anyway, since we all had so much fun with it, here's a look inside for you:

Fisher-Price Post Office: The front features a mail slot, a door for the postman to retrieve from and two separate P.O. boxes with locking doors.
Fisher-Price Post Office: The back features a plane stamp relief.

Fisher-Price Post Office: The kit comes with two plastic envelopes, a plastic package, two plastic picture postcards, three sheets of plastic letter paper, and a way to attach a variety of plastic stamps to the outside of all of the above!

Fisher-Price Post Office: It opens to reveal a mail safe, a clock and a stamp catalog/machine.

Fisher-Price Post Office: Store all your stuff in the embossed mailbag!

Fisher-Price Post Office: Automatic stamp dispenser really works!

Fisher-Price Post Office: Stamp dispenser fits inside one section...

Fisher-Price Post Office: Plus more storage on the back door! So much fun, so much to do! Great job, Fisher-Price toy designer of 1989!

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