Sunday, June 10, 2012

Used Book Report: $1-a-Book Store

I told myself I'd quit. But I just needed one more hit. I think I have to relisten to The Power of Habit or take methadone or something. Anyway, here are a bunch of yellow-tinted images of today's haul:

Seven volumes of Doubleday's Best in Children's Books, which is enough to make me quite giddy! 
Donald Crews, Helen Oxenbury, Byron Barton, Hans de Boer, whee!

A cute picture book from the Leo the Late Bloomer people, a Feodor Rojankovsky Golden Book reprint (I love you Feodor!), and a bizarre, quasi-Freudian '70s book about dreams that was translated from the German. I cannot resist out-there semi-psychedelic '60s and '70s children's books, even if they're always too weird to ever actually be given to the kid.
Four Little Golden books, include The Three Bears illustrated by Rojankovsky, and My Little Golden Word Book, illustrated by my guy Joe Kaufman.

Our first Virginia Haviland fairy tales collection! Appears to be everything I've heard and more. Must refrain from ordering others online...
But look at that list of illustrators! Duvosin, Weisgard, Ness, Cooney, Hyman, Adams, aaaah!

ABC's of Nature, which will serve as another nature study handbook (we already used it to look up "owl pellets"!); The Book of Goodnight Stories, which I almost cried over because I have an unlikely affection for Czech illustration and that's what this is; and Usborne's The Time Traveller Book of Long Ago. I kid you not, just a couple of months ago I was visualizing some of the images from the Rome & Romans volume included herein and thinking to myself, man, "I don't know how I'll ever find that book again, but it taught me everything I know about life in ancient Rome." And here it is, in the company of similar books on the Vikings, the middle ages and ancient Egypt. As it turns out these books are still in print, but I'm very happy to have found this beat-up old compilation!
More Parents' Magazine Press. I need more bookshelves. Don't tell my husband. (As if he doesn't know, LOL!)

PETER SPIER! PETER SPIER! Never less than magical, and this title is no exception.


  1. I LOVE "Little Polar Bear".

  2. Awww...P.S. I think your boy would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Usborne Time Traveller books.

  3. SO funny! I love how you collect books. A friend in Georgia shared your blog with me. Ironic that she (on the other side of the US) had to point me to someone "in my own backyard". I'm a So Cal homeschooling mom. My hubby works in Culver City....we live a little closer to Disneyland.

  4. OMG who are you?! I just found this blog through Vintage Kids Books my Kid Loves. I love your headline - I do the same thing for the same reason though I'd never said it out loud. Hilarious! And yet not unlikely. I've always wanted to be a children's librarian but don't have the stamina to go for a master's degree so I am just collecting and waiting until societal collapse when we need independent libraries, LOL.

  5. Wow, that is a great haul!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am enjoying yours!

  6. I have given you the Liebster Blog Award! Check my latest post for details. :)

  7. How did you find "The Time Traveller Book of Long Ago"? I am desperately searching for it.